Val Associates Laboratory, Inc. provides analytical support to clients from industrial and consulting groups to the government. Much of the information we provide is used for proving regulatory compliance, environmental investigation, and the development of design data for environmental consultants. Our foremost goal is to provide the highest quality analytical data possible to our clients. At Val Associates, we take great pride in producing results with a high confidence level.


Quality Assurance Commitment:

The information generated by our lab is used by our clients in a variety of ways: it may be used to demonstrate quality of a finished product, to establish the basis for remedial action, or to decide a legal dispute. We have ensured the production of scientifically sound and legally defensible data of known and documentable quality with our Quality Assurance Program.

The plan employed to ensure quality performance of the analytical work produced by Val Associates includes the use of established standard methods and the analysis of various spike, blank and control samples. The continued review of this data relative to established standards of performance ensures reliable data our clients can trust.





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Current Prices for Private Well Testing Act Parameters

Private well testing act minimum requirements for Atlantic, Burlington, Camden, Gloucester, and Salem counties.


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Val Associates Laboratory was founded in 1973 as a plating industry lab. With the growing environmental movement and the laws associated with it, Val Associates began environmental analysis in 1980. Starting with a flame AA spectrophotometer and limited chemistry equipment; Val Associates now boasts four state of the art gas chromatographs/mass spectrometers, flame and furnace atomic adsorption spectrophotometers and a new inductively coupled plasma spectrometer.